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Believe in Supreme Power

Supreme power
Written by Seema Sharma

Hello dear readers,

We all are divinely blessed and we all are precious souls.

Once, we have started to accept the power that is completely inside us and it’s unlimited, we start living magically. Some of us are looking forward to their future prospects and anticipations while others are confused and frustrated at present situation.

What is expected of us in this time of great change? What do we expect of ourselves?

At this eye-opening time in human history each one of us need to take an objective look at our life. Many of us are status conscious and busy in the dull, boring and the unfulfilled job that is completely devoid of joy.

If we want to live a life more joyfully and enthusiastically, then we have to believe that we are full of the power to change our life. To change our lives and make most of every minute (as we all are here for a limited period of time, and human is mortal) we have on this planet we might start by asking ourselves a few questions, and get the answers from our inner voice-. “Am I happy ?” “Can I honestly say that I am a person who feels fulfilled and satisfied?” “Are all the meaningful relationships of my life well-balanced and joyful?” Am I prosperous and abundant?” “Is there an urge inside me to connect with God (our creator)?”

If your answer to any of these questions is “No” then it’s the time to probe into your heart listen to your inner voice what answers do you get?

Even if you think that everything is right on track, still keep reading, because if your life is really in flow, you should never stop exploring new ways of thinking, as the life never stops teaching.

Stay home stay safe!

Soon, we will be out of this tough time.

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