Dax Shepard: People should be honest about drug use

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Dax Shepard is “confused” by people who aren’t honest about their drug use.

The 45-year-old actor has become known for publicly sharing his battle with an addiction to prescription medication and his use of cocaine, and has now said he doesn’t understand why some people “don’t want to admit they smoke weed”.

Dax believes being secretive about drug use creates “road blocks” in interviews, which prevent people from “advancing” the conversation.

Speaking during an appearance on the ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’ podcast, he said: “There will be people who don’t want to admit they smoke weed. I’m just a little confused by it.” 

“If you’re not going to be honest about stuff, there are just road blocks in interviewing. I could advance this whole thing but I don’t want to tell people I’ve done cocaine so now I can’t advance it because of that. They all end up being little roadblocks along the way.”

The ‘Parenthood’ alum has also struggled with drinking and smoking in the past, but gave them up in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

However, the actor has been “dipping” into his nicotine replacement mints for “six months”.

He added: “I’ve been dipping for like six months I guess. I’m on it. I could lie and tell you I’m not but I’m not. I quit drinking in 2004 and I quit smoking in 2005 so I’m on 15 years of no smoking but I’ve been on nicotine mints for 13 of those 15 years.

“I was off for a couple years entirely. And I literally found four f****** mints in a nightstand and I told Kristen, ‘I’m going to have these. It’s been two years. I’m just going to have one tonight, one tomorrow night’ and then of course three days later, I was at a CVS buying like a 128 pack of the lozenges.”

Meanwhile, Dax recently confessed to having relapsed in his addiction to prescription medication after 16 years of sobriety.

The ‘CHiPS’ star – who recorded his appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast before making his confession – began taking Vicodin again after a recent motorcycle accident, but assured fans he is now working on his sobriety once again.

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