For community outreach, US cops give turkeys, not tickets  

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In an innovative gesture, Mesa Police Department in Arizona recently surprised people by giving them turkeys and not tickets. It was a part of the community outreach programme adopted by the police department.  

This move, which was undertaken for a limited time period only, was very well received by the people.   

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Several of the people, who received the frozen turkeys or witnessed the move, praised the efforts of the police department.   

The people, who were pulled over for a violation by the police officials, were in for a welcome surprise when they were given a free turkey instead of a ticket. Through this initiative, the police helped drivers bring home the turkey and not tickets.  

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“When you made your turn, you made a wide turn. You’re supposed to stay in your lane,” Mesa Police Department’s Officer Jason Flam told a motorist. Instead of returning with a ticket from his police cruiser, Flam gave a turkey to the driver.  

“…I don’t think they can afford the turkey, so it worked out really good,” said Flam told Fox 10, who added that some stops were emotional as it brought one man to tears.  

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