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March is another great month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

On Tuesday, Far: Changing Tides came out on Cloud, Console and PC.

Far has you playing as a boy sailing his ship to discover a new home for himself.

With resources to collect, mysteries to explore, underwater areas to explore. Far: Changing Tides offers something new for gamers.

Starting Thursday, subscribers can download and play the hit Guardians of the Galaxy. If you were holding off on the purchase of the game, now is the time to try it out on the service to see if the game is for you.

Other titles coming to the service include the cloud version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator letting gamers without high-end PCs experience the marvel of travelling around the globe in a variety of aircraft.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII offers something different then the traditional Final Fantasy. Being on Game Pass makes it even better. It arrived Thursday.

Lawn Mowing Simulator comes to Xbox next week.

Young Souls also drops on the system on Thursday. Young Souls is a role playing game with all the weapons, and levelling you could want. Throw in a unique art style and 2D battles Young Souls could be the game you’re looking for.

Also coming out this month:

On Friday, Gran Turismo 7 hit the PS5 and PS4.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch on March 25.

Also on March 25, Ghostwire Tokyo comes out on the PS5.

The next game by the team behind Borderlands also drops on March 25.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands looks to be more crazy and full of surprises then Tiny Tina’s last adventure.

GTA5 the game that has been on every system since the Xbox 360 is getting a next-generation release.

On March 15, Rockstar will release GTA5 with upgraded visuals, better textures and better draw distance.

Halo the mini series is coming to streaming service Paramount Plus. From the trailers it looks promising. The Last of Us TV series is also coming to streaming services this year or next.

Look for my review on Horizon Forbidden West on PS4, PS5 coming up.

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