Garena Free Fire redeem codes for 23 May 2022: Get free bundle, character, and Legendary emote

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Many Free Fire players seek techniques that will provide unique items in the battle royale title, as most in-game items cost diamonds. There are, fortunately, a variety of options, one of the most prevalent of which is to take advantage of the redeem codes that developers frequently make available to the community.

These codes, mainly consisting of 12/16 characters, must be redeemed on the official ‘Rewards Redemption Site.’ Essentially, upon redemption, they can comprise a variety of rewards like bundles, characters, emotes, outfits, and so on.

Note: Players from India should avoid downloading or playing Free Fire due to a government-imposed ban on the game. They can, however, play the MAX version, which wasn’t suspended in the country.

Free Fire redeem codes to receive bundles, characters, and legendary emotes (23 May)

The following is a list of Free Fire redeem codes that users may utilize to get bundles, characters, and emotes within the game:


  • X99TK56XDJ4X
  • SARG886AV5GR
  • J3ZKQ57Z2P2P
  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9
  • B3G7A22TWDR7X


Legendary emotes


Disclaimer: The Free Fire redeem codes stated above may or may not work for some users due to expiry and server restrictions.

Detailed steps to use redeem codes and receive free rewards

Listed below are the procedures that gamers may follow to use the codes and receive free items:

Step 1: They must first visit the Rewards Redemption Site on any web browser.

There are numerous fake websites on the internet, and players should visit only the genuine ones. They can get there by clicking on this link.

After visiting the site, users will have to sign in using any one platform (Image via Garena)
After visiting the site, users will have to sign in using any one platform (Image via Garena)

Step 2: After that, individuals can sign in using the method tied to their in-game accounts. The options offered on the website are Facebook, Google, VK, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and Twitter.

Guest accounts do not function to redeem Free Fire codes. If gamers have such accounts, they must bind them to one of the above platforms to become eligible to use these codes.

Paste the code into the field and then tap on the 'Confirm' button (Image via Garena)
Paste the code into the field and then tap on the ‘Confirm’ button (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Finally, players can paste the redeem code into the text field on their screen. Next, they may tap on the ‘Confirm’ button beneath it to conclude the procedure.

The rewards will be delivered to players’ accounts via in-game mail within 24 hours if successful. However, if an error linked to server restrictions or expiry occurs, individuals will have no choice but to wait for other codes to be made available.

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