‘Hrithik Roshan came in a Maruti, she in Mercedes’: Ameesha Patel addresses her bratty image in early 2000s

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Actor Ameesha Patel has spoken about the ‘snobbish, rich b**ch’ image that was propelled of her by the media in the early days of her career. Ameesha, who belongs to a prominent Gujarati family, says people would deem her arrogant because she would stay immersed in her book on sets.

Ameesha made her acting debut with Hrithik Roshan on his father’s Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai in 2000. Later, she starred in films such as Gadar and Humraaz. Her film career, however, could not soar to the heights that we expected of her initially.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Ameesha addressed how the media treated her in the early days of her career. “I was portrayed as arrogant and snobbish and this typical south Bombay rich brat. Because on the sets, I would not indulge in idle gossip and bitching about people or talking them down. Someone else has a hit, I would always be happy that he or she has done a great job,” she said.

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She added how people used to compare her and Hrithik as well. “I used to read a book. I am a bookworm. I can read a book in three days. So I used to get told that Ameesha ji is very arrogant, pata nahi apne aap ko kya samajhti hai (Don’t know what she thinks of herself). Just because she is from a big khandaan, on the first day of shoot she came driving in a Mercedes. They used to make fun that Hrithik came in a Maruti, Ameesha came in a Mercedes. But there was nothing to show off. That was my upbringing, my hobby. I was never brought up to talk bad or ill about anyone,” she said.

Ameesha will now be seen in the sequel to Gadar with Sunny Deol. The film has gone into production and both the actors have been sharing pictures from the shoot.

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