“I’m the petty king, so I know all about everything.… You can’t really be surprised by anything” – Steph Curry says he uses the back-and-forth between fans as entertainment

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Steph Curry is one of the top players in the NBA today, which means he is often a target for opposing fan bases. The NBA Finals have not been any different, as the Golden State Warriors superstar has been a target for the Boston Celtics‘ fanbase.

After the Boston Celtics fanbase took a shot at his wife’s cooking, Curry responded with a shirt acknowledging her cooking. The back-and-forth is something that Curry enjoys, according to comments from a recent press conference. Curry said:

“I’m the petty king. So I know all about everything and I use it as entertainment and have fun with it. The more you are on this stage, the more you realize the attention that is on you. How much it means to each fanbase. How much it means to these cities.”

Steph Curry showed his pettiness during his Game 5 postgame press conference, as did the Boston bar that started the feud. The back-and-forth with the bar has been entertainment for Curry, and he understands why it happens. He said:

“You can’t really be surprised by anything because there’s a lot at stake when it comes to winning championships. Maybe back in the day, first year, first two years maybe, things catch you off guard because it’s so new. You wonder how all these narratives kinda come up. These distractions pop up here and there.”

As a veteran player, Steph Curry has experience dealing with these comments, as does his wife. During the NBA finals, there are always narratives that develop, which can either enhance the moment or distract from it.

Steph Curry has had to deal with several narratives during all the Warriors’ finals runs. Still, his recent feud with the Boston Celtics fanbase has provided some entertainment for him and the fans.

Steph Curry’s feud with the Boston Celtics fanbase during the NBA finals.

Curry and his wife Ayesha have been at the center of a playful feud between their fans and the Celtics fans.
Curry and his wife Ayesha have been at the center of a playful feud between their fans and the Celtics fans.

As someone who has reached several NBA finals, Steph Curry understands why the moment is crucial to the people. He said:

“The more you get into these environments, the more you use them as entertainment and fun and embrace it. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Knowing that you are on this stage and playing for something that really matters to a lot of people.”

Curry claimed to not want things to be different, which is likely why he wore the shirt after Game 5.

His shirt was in response to a Boston-area bar. The bar also reacted to Curry’s shirt after the Warriors’ Game 5 win.

With the series on the line for the Celtics in Game 6, the end is near for the feud between the Boston-area bar and Curry.

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