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Jessie Ware hails ‘special’ new technology helping deaf to experience music

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essie Ware has said it was a “privilege” after being involved in a trial of new wearable technology that allows people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to experience live music like never before.

The singer teamed up with Vodafone at her Mighty Hoopla Festival set in London on June 4 to debut the 5G-enabled haptic suits that enable wearers to feel the music through vibrations via 24 touchpoints on the wrists, ankles and torso, providing a full multi-sensory experience.

Speaking to the Standard, Ware, 37, told how she had been absolutely blown away after seeing the ground-breaking technology in action.

She said: “You could see people dancing in the audience and the feedback was that it was a completely different experience for them.

Fans trying out the ground-breaking haptic suits at the Mighty Hoopla Festival

/ Lee McLean/SWNS

“It felt incredibly important and a really special moment.”

The mum-of-three is loving being back on stage again after a four year absence, especially getting to share the experience with her kids who she said “couldn’t be less fussed” about what she does.

She said: “It’s important to me that they get to see that I do a job that I love and they get to sometimes experience it however weird that is for them.

“Being out on the road again feels very fun. My [Table Manners] podcast has taken up a lot of time which I love, but I do sometimes have to remind myself that I’m a singer first and foremost.”

The 5G-enabled haptic suits that enable wearers to feel the music through vibrations via 24 touchpoints

/ Lee McLean/SWNS

She added: “For me to be able to be with audiences again and able to interact, I feel very indulged at the moment.”

One particularly exciting gig she has coming up is Glastonbury for which she says she was “born ready”.

She said: “When you’re in Glastonbury, it’s just the greatest festival in the world.”

Asked about her festival essentials, the Say You Love Me hit-maker said: “Layers because you never know particularly in old Blighty what the weather’s going to be.”

Jessie Ware is particularly loving sharing aspects of her career with her children

/ Jessie Ware / Instagram

Also topping her list are glitter, dry shampoo and wet wipes.

On the subject of new music, the London-born singer reassures fans that they won’t have to wait too long for the follow-up to her fourth album What’s Your Pleasure?.

She said: “New music is coming very soon. New album will be next year – I’m currently finishing up the new record.”

The 5G haptic suits are part of Vodafone’s commitment to use the latest tech to help fans #FeelTheConnection this summer. Read more here.

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