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Prime Minister Narendra Modihas penned a poem singing glory of the Sun on Makar Sankranti,which says ”today is the day to pay respect to the onerelentless mover who travels without taking any break for thewelfare of all”.

Modi tweeted the poem written in Gujarati, his mothertongue, after extending greetings to people on Makar Sankrantiwhich was celebrated on Thursday.

The poem starts by glorifying the sky.

First few lines say ”Aabh Ma Avsar ane Aabh Ma JAmbar, Suraj No Tap Same Aabh Ma ane Chandni Relai A J Aabh Ma(The sky gives us this occasion as it represents the entirehorizon in which the Sun shines and the Moon also shines)”.

The poem goes on to describe other avenues of the sky,including stars, and says ”Those who have sky high dreams canachieve higher goals, while those who have low level dreamsare like stones and pebbles who face a lot of problems”.

The poem, among all the factors of the sky, thensingles out the Sun for high praise.

It says ”the Sun walks on the path of austerity, ittravels relentlessly, without any break with a hope of doinggood to others.” ”Today is the day to offer tarpan (water) to the Sun,I bow down to the Sun,” it further says.

Modi has penned many poems in Gujarati language andreleased a book of poems also.

Makar Sankranti is marked with enthusiasm in severalparts of India. This auspicious festival illustrates Indiasdiversity and the vibrancy of our traditions.

”It also reaffirms the importance of respecting MotherNature, Modi tweeted.

He greeted people in various languages on Twitter asthis harvest festival is celebrated in different ways andnames in the country.

Makar Sankranti marks the end of the winter solsticemonth and beginning of longer days.

It is known by various names in different parts of thecountry like Pongal, Magh Bihu and Poush Sankranti.

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