Russian judge reportedly asked to jail poisoned Putin critic Navalny

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A Russian judge was reportedly asked to put Kremlin’s fierce critic Alexei Navalny in jail, soon after he was poisoned by a Soviet era nerve agent called Novichok.

According to media reports, the critic is set to be sentenced in absentia for allegedly breaking the terms of a sentence he had been serving, and for other infractions. The court documents were seen by Reuters on Tuesday.

Last month, Russia’s Federal Prison Service (FSIN) ordered Navalny to immediately return from Germany, and to be report in Moscow or face jail time.

On December 30, Russian investigators  claimed to have opened a new criminal case against Alexei Navalny, the outspoken Kremlin critic who was recently poisoned.

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The investigators are accusing Navalny of fraudulently using public donations from organisations under him to fulfil his personal needs

Right now, Navalny is in Germany, and has been there since a nerve agent was used to poison him in August in what is seen as a murder attempt. He recovered in Berlin itself. 

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Navalny is known as one of Putin’s fiercest critics. Russia had earlier stated how he is free to return home as he pleases, just like any other Russian citizen. Navalny has claimed that he intends to move back eventually.

Russia denies the poisoning altogether, claiming there was no evidence of it. In addition, it has also denied involvement in his poisoning. In August, he collapsed on a plane after which he was airlifted to Germany.

Earlier, Putin had said that the US is plotting to discredit Putin by blaming the poisoning on him.

Putin also added that Navalny wasn’t important enough to become a target.

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