Sandara Park wins at 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards

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Sandara Park, former member of defunct K-pop group 2NE1, took home an award at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards held on Dec. 29.

She won the Popularity Award for her appearance on the Korean TV shows “King of Mask Singer” and “I Live Alone.” SHINee’s Key and King Jong-min also won the award.

Sandara Park (left) speaking at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards upon winning the Popularity Award (Screenshot from MBC video, Twitter)

Sandara Park was surprised when her name was announced as one of the winners for the award.

“I was not prepared,” she said as she accepted the award. “I received a lot of awards as 2NE1 but I think it is my first award since standing alone.”

After 2NE1 disbanded in November 2016, Sandara Park embarked on her solo career, appearing in different TV shows.

“I have received a lot of trophies from (2NE1), and my mom is asking where they are. YG [Entertainment] staff, if you are watching this, please send me a few,” said Sandara.

She added, “I appeared on the ‘King of Mask Singer’ and ‘I Live Alone’ only once but thank you. I have built a new nest, and I am so grateful to the agency that works hard for me. And thank you to my family and fans. I love you.”

Recently, Sandara Park was a guest on the TV show “I Live Alone” where she showed her apartment for the first time and revealed that it was the first time that she started living alone.

“I started living alone after 38 years of my life. Actually, it’s been ten years since I wanted to live on my own. I always lived with my family,” she said on the show, which features celebrities who live by themselves.

When she debuted in 2NE1, she lived in a dorm together with the other members of the group and said, “Then I started missing home so I went back to live with my mom. That was how I lived the rest of the years with my mom’s nagging.”

She decorated her apartment with different 2NE1 memorabilia, saying, “It was my dream to decorate my place with them.”

In a tweet last Dec. 25, Sandara said, “2 yrs na ako hindi nakapunta sa phil. Kelan ba last show ko sa Phil?! Parang d ko na naalala and mga shows ngayon puro untact. Ang xmas wish ko is to go back to Phil and be onstage again with u guys (I have not visited the Philippines in two years. When was my last show in the Philippines?! I can’t seem to remember and the shows today are all untact. My Xmas wish is to go back to Philippines and be onstage again with u guys).”





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