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Self-eating rocket to self-healing material: ISRO to develop futuristic technology as space race intensifies

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As the space race intensifies, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is looking to develop several technologies that are straight from the future. This includes quantum communications, self-vanishing satellites, humanoid robots as well as other futuristic developments.

Speaking at the ‘DTDI-Technology-Conclave-2021’, ISRO chairman K Sivan, on Tuesday, spoke on the new technologies that are going to be introduced. This includes satellite-based quantum communication, quantum radar, self-eating rocket, self-vanishing satellite, self-healing materials, humanoid robotics, space-based solar power, intelligent satellites and space-vehicles, make-in-space concept, artificial intelligence-based space applications, and many more.

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“All our rockets have metal casing that are dropped into the sea after launch or become (final-stage) space debris. We are working on a technology through which rockets will effectively eat themselves, eliminating waste-dropping into seas and space debris. We are looking at special materials for casing that can burn up along with motors’” said K Sivan to the Times of India.

Similarily, the self-vanishing satelite technology would enable spacecrafts to self-destruct once its lifetime is over, with the help of a ‘kill button’. “When rockets fly, there are defects sometimes. Self-healing materials can correct some of these defects by themselves,” added Sivan.

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