Vanessa Hudgens thinks Queen of Coachella nickname is ‘adorable’

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Vanessa Hudgens loves being called the “Queen of Coachella”.

The 33-year-old actress can’t wait to return to the festival after a two-year break, and she admits that her Coachella-themed nickname is “adorable”.

The brunette beauty – who has travelled to Indio, California, for the world-famous festival – said: “It’s just such a fun place to dress however you want and I definitely do.

“My best friend [GG Magree] is playing and she has never played Coachella before and it’ll be the first person I’m super close to to play. I’m excited to go and support her.”

Vanessa has always felt “safe to express [herself]” at the festival.

She told E! News: “It’s really nice to be seen.

“That’s what we all want: to be seen and feel safe to express ourselves. Coachella has always been a place where I’ve felt safe to express myself.”

Vanessa has also offered some advice to other festival-goers ahead of Coachella.

She said: “Just express yourself.

“What everyone’s creativity looks like is different. I think just embrace and honor yourself and your taste and go from there. And honestly, it’s a festival. You’re going to be in the dirt so like don’t go too crazy.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa previously revealed she plans to work in showbusiness until the day she dies.

The actress started doing musical theatre when she was just seven years old, and although she’s been through some ups and downs during her career, Vanessa can’t imagine walking away from the industry.

She shared: “I am so blessed and fortunate to have had success at such an early age. But that didn’t come overnight. You know, I started doing musical theatre when I was seven years old and things were snowballing.

“I was auditioning for TV shows and movies and there were a lot of rejections. I don’t know where I got it from, but I always told myself, ‘It’s OK because the next thing that will come along will be bigger and better!'”

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