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  • One Direction offshoot Zayn Malik’s marketing strategy while teasing his new album, Nobody is Listening, is stellar.

    Through this promotional tactic, he’s ensuring that everybody listens to at least a part of the songs.

    It all started with the Dusk Till Dawn hitmaker tweeting a phone number with his name at the end of the extension.

    And, then the real magic began!

  • The response is real, dial from one to nine

  • Those who dialed the number were indeed surprised when they heard Zayn’s voice on the other side.

    If one dials any number from one to nine, they get to hear a clip of each song of the album.

    Callers also receive a message that says, “Yoo, Zayn here! Tx for hitting my line. Give me your detes so we can stay in touch.”

  • It actually works, exclaims this excited Twitter user

  • Apt gift: Zayn’s tweet celebrated his 28th birthday

    Apt gift: Zayn's tweet celebrated his 28th birthday
  • The pop icon chose the day right for tweeting this, as he celebrated his 28th birthday on January 12, 2021.

    His tweet, which was liked over 565K times, got a further major boost from girlfriend and supermodel Gigi Hadid, who replied, “Ext. 6! Ext. 8! Oh also 2. But honestly they all slap.”

    Hadid’s number-wise indication points at the songs, Better, Connexion, and Unf**kwithable.

  • An avid gamer, his birthday was celebrated in videogame theme

    An avid gamer, his birthday was celebrated in videogame theme
  • Zayn’s birthday was celebrated in a well-thought manner by Hadid, who treated him with a birthday bash filled with retro video games and goodies.

    He once told British Vogue in an interview that he plays Fortnite.

    To show her support for his third album, Hadid even wore trousers with space motifs in identical primary colors of the album, set for a January 15 release.

  • Zayn, Hadid became parents last year in September

    Zayn, Hadid became parents last year in September
  • Apart from his new album, Zayn is also busy babysitting.

    The crooner became a father last year in September to a daughter, who is his and Hadid’s first child.

    These two famous faces started a relationship in 2015, with the American model also appearing in his debut solo single, Pillowtalk.

    The song hit 1 billion views on YouTube on September 23 last year.

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