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Spell of Positivity

spell of Positivity
Written by Seema Sharma

We all are divinely blessed. Our thoughts create reality. If we focus on it we may create the reality we desire. Thoughts are supreme having immense power. It’s completely up to us to keep these thoughts positive or the negative ones. Its a Universally accepted truth that positive thoughts create positivity all around us and finally the result is the same. 

Ultimately we live what we create. We all have to understand the responsibility of our life, when we start accepting that we are the primary architect of our own life, that powerful thought sends a life changing message to God, universe, and it starts supporting you in every aspects.

The message or the prayer we send to god gives us back a message that we are now willing and open to working with the higher, spiritual level of our mind (God mind) which can do anything without limit.

We start looking at life differently, the perspective changes completely. Every second of our life becomes extremely precious for us, the whole aura and the surroundings become so positive.

This all is the result of our positive thoughts that even in the most problematic situations of our life we start approaching solutions. All the stuff that we have to complete is no more a boredom or pressure for us. We start completing all the work with great enthusiasm, and zeal. Our every thought, action, and even outcomes are full of positivity.

So, start living  that magical life right from now. No, procrastination must be there, as every second matters (Remember, no flashbacks are there in life as its said time and tide waits for no men). We all are assigned with a special life purpose to serve humanity and this planet, and we can fulfill all those task by remaining positive and living magically.

Focus has a great role to play in the whole process. Once we start focusing on something, the energy starts flowing right there and it starts magnifying. 

So, its completely our choice what we want to focus on and achieve in our life. Its up to us whether we want to focus on the negativity and become the saddest person in the world, feeling ourself unsuccessful and detached from the world. Its not a difficult task, rather an easy one. We simply have to sit and reflect. 

This will really fill our life with hope, positivity and an emotion that was previously long-lost.We will surely be out of this victim like thinking and accept that our dream can also come true and exist in reality.

We can also live our dream life and achieve whatever we want from this limitless universe, whether it’s a successful career, big house, satisfied relationship, dream job, world tour, abundance, good health, or wealth, believe it all is on the way……

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