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Spiritual Journey with Seema Sharma (President of NavDhara Samaj Kalyan Samiti).

Seema Sharma is working on Human Spirituality since 2000 and she has performed at various platform to serve Society.

So, she will talks about the benefits of Humanity and Positivity in our life.

Simple rules and tricks of spirituality can lead a magical life.

She believes, Magic is “an extraordinary power or influence from a supernatural source”. The “supernatural source” and “extraordinary power” simultaneously exist within each of us. It is our spiritual destiny to acknowledge and employ them, to live a life to the fullest.

Some of the essential points, she will talk about:

Believe and accept that you have the power to change your life.
Seek Your Truth
Open Your Heart and Mind
Focus on your Goals
Create an Enchanted Life
Teach others what you have learned
Live Sincerely, Honestly, and with Integrity
Continue to Seek Out and Acquire Knowledge
Be the Embodiment of Love on Earth
Be Eternally Grateful.



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