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Tapping The Hidden Potential Energy Of Anxiety

Written by Manoj K Singh

Anxiety is a form of hidden energy that holds immense potential. when utilized it can yield great results.

Are you feeling weakness for no reason, you cannot sleep properly, have breathing issues that were not there before, sometimes heart rate also increases, have digestive problem that is now becoming chronic in nature or your body trembles for no reason?

All these are common symptoms of Anxiety. Yes, what most people believe is just mind connected, even affects your physical body. Anxiety occurs when you start to feel intensive, excessive and persistent worry or fear about your everyday situations. Many a time people start to develop self-limiting beliefs too. This in turn has influence on your personal and professional relations.

As per the website, the global prevalence of anxiety disorder varies from 2.5 % to 7 % by country. And in 2017, there were over 284 million people who experienced anxiety disorder.

There are many reasons to anxiety or feeling anxious. And at times you feel as if you have excess of energy  when you want to do many things at the same time, you lack sleep  because your mind is doing overtime, you cannot sit or relax  or you want to do something but are unable to do. Even when we go by the traditional definition the worry or fear comes up due to overthinking or any emotional situation at home or office. It can even be personal.

Following are different types of anxiety disorder that a person may experience:

  1. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) A person feels anxious on most days, worrying about lots of different things, for a period of six months or more.
  2. Social anxiety
  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  4. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  5. Specific phobias
  6. Panic disorder

I am not going to explain on these different types of anxiety in this article but they are mentioned to help you identify your anxiety. Because once you are aware you can handle the challenge in a better way.

However, when you analyze during anxious times you have a burst of energy that makes you confuse or over excited. This is trouble when you don’t know how to vent out this excess energy leading to various health issues. In this article I am covering some useful tips to channelize this energy in you for positive productive use.

Tips to channel potential energy of Anxiety:

  1. Divert Your Mind Towards Something Positive- Anxiety means you are confused and you start to feel indifferent. The best way to channelize that extra energy is to divert your mind by doing something that is productive. For example, you can arrange your closet that needs some work; you can declutter your email inbox, listen to good music, listen to something educational or finish some pending work. These activities involve your focus that will take away your mind from any fear or anxiousness leading to calming effect.
  2. Do Exercise That Involves Physical Activity- Physical exercise is a great way to release excess of energy in a proper way. Even when you are not a fitness enthusiast you can opt for light exercise daily for few minutes. This keeps your energy levels in check. It is very helpful even in handling your anxiety.
  3. Learn New Skills- You can even start learning new skills because when you are learning you will focus on it. Best way to do it is by setting up the targets and working towards achieving them one by one. This way you are upgrading and keeping sane.
  4. Use Meditation To Build Strong Mental State- Many people suffer from anxiety because they are unable to handle the pressure in their life, relations or at work. Slowly they move towards a state of anxiousness that affects their overall life. In this meditation is the best remedy, which is simple yet impactful. You don’t have to always divert your mind to channelize your energy in fact you can use it by releasing your control and thinking nothing. I personally use deep breathing and visualization meditation techniques while meditating.
  5. Write Poetry- This one is my personal favorite because creativity is a great way to channelize potential energy. Words have power to heal so when you start to put your words with creativity in it, you create by focusing on creating something that heals your heart.
  6. Write Journals- It is the traditional way of using writing to reduce your stress and anxiety. This you need to do regularly that way you have checked your energy flow. This could be simple diary entry about how was your day.
  7. Do Crafts And Drawing- Another one of my favorites is using the time to be creative. If you are a parent you can use this to bond with your children. This improves your relationship with your children and at the same time you do not pass on your worries and anxiety to them. However, this activity can be done alone too but when you are with children take your mind off from every other thing just a time for them with you.
  8. Go Out In Nature Or Do Gardening- Connecting to Mother Nature is a great way to ground you. You can do that by going in the parks, forests or gardens at home. At times when you are limited and cannot go out you can plant few flowering plants. Water them daily, see them grow and bloom. It has its own soothing effect and positive impact on the quality of your life. If you have enough space you can start your own kitchen garden or terrace garden.

So Be It- Yes! You have energy that is within you but due to anxiety you are unable to channelize it. Keeping a positive mindset and learning your way to positively utilize it helps. You do not need to follow all the steps but the ones you can easily put into your routine.

Do follow these steps for at least couple of weeks to feel the impact on your life. You can share your own way you are dealing with anxiety when feel it in the comment.

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