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Why Lockdown Is Right Time To Talk To People

Written by Manoj K Singh

During lockdown you can realise many benefits of talking to someone right from mental stress to building a life long relationship.

Communication has always been the best way to build relations. Those relations can be personal or professional. Some of the benefits of good communication include:

  1. Better bonding and building trust
  2. Increase in productivity
  3. Improving the quality of the working or living environment
  4. Better problem resolving
  5. Team building

I have been constantly thinking and trying to observe what positive can come from this lockdown and how can we jointly come out of it. Then one day it stuck to my mind. the key word was JOINTLY, yes in order to work together we need to talk to each other. Communication becomes utmost important. Sometimes we set our priorities and we do not entertain few people whom we may think not relevant or of any use to us. This may sound bit harsh the use of word use but that is fact. We are trying to move ahead in life and want only people who can help us grow. Exactly that should be the way to go but now is the time when you need to at least in between give a small smile to someone in your contact and say “Hey Buddy, How Are You?”

In this article, I am trying to bring out the importance of innate human need to connect with fellow human, which is only possible through a talk. Mental stress, emotional stress, financial stress and stress of just being alive or being wanted or of any use. Uff! So many things to worry about but only one little solution if you would like to try, just talk to someone. That someone can even be a stranger say hi and smile. There you go, if you are genuine and other person is genuine you will have a friend from being stranger.

What would you get when you communicate with people during lockdown?

  1. You will get a friend for life time- You do not believe me! It is not your fault but I tell you from my personal experience. During this lockdown, I have spoken to some of the professional contacts who were just one of the professional contacts on LinkedIn. As most of us have. They are the ones we do not even interact because it is the number game or online influencing game. I found one friend for life and happiness. And some more friends whom I have even connected better than before. Old friends we spoke after years. Do you still need persuasion to go ahead and take an initiative?
  2. You will have a much better business relationship- In general we avoid discussion of  our likes, dislikes or hobbies with our professional contacts, because you want to keep it formal. Here is news for you all, now casuals will be new norm after this lockdown. People will like to communicate and interact with more humans than just money counters. We will now, like to work with a relationship that involves more of human touch probably that we were losing in chasing money and separation from fellow humans for such long time.
  3. You can build a better supportive ecosystem around you- Here I mean the whole society and social structure. We are witnessing a total remodeling of the thought process. Coronavirus has made people to think about life first at least in most of the places. Money cannot buy many things, so you need to make a system that everyone gets it. It is only possible if we communicate with each other and listen to each other’s problem.
  4. You will be happier than before- So all those people out there who were busy shouting I don’t know what I am doing in my life. Here is the time to know what you are doing and what you need to do in your life. This is the right time to find your perspective and purpose of your life. If you are confused talk, if you are unhappy talk, if you are sad talk and if you are happy then also talk. You know why because your may help someone else find their happy moments.
  5. You will upgrade your life skills- Well communication is never a one-way process. It is always two ways one talks and other listens, then the roles reverse. Now, during the lockdown, toughest part is to talk and even tougher is to listen to other person. Is not this a wonderful opportunity given to us where we improve on these two critical life skills. When you will think on the words, you put forward because you can understand the other person’s mindset (Empathy). Another life skill that post lockdown world needs. You will be lot more patience with other person while listening and other person too. Here you improve your listening, analyzing and observational skills.   

Let Us Talk Now- You may think the person writing this article must be extremely extrovert. But friends I am an introvert who preserves his energy and loves to put the energy into creative and productive work. I love to write and words speak to me sharing their energy. As the lockdown and impacts it is bringing to our homes, society and economy, there is no one who remains unaffected. Social distancing is actually physical distancing but does not mean to be emotionally distant. We humans are made up of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual entities that connect each one of us. When we talk or communicate, not only we share our ideas and experiences we share our emotions too that may help heal you or the person talking to you. Even the listen benefits through an act of positivity.

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